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What to Consider When Purchasing A Stock Tank
Stock tanks have many uses. They are great as a mini pool for kids to cool off during the hot summer months. Stock tanks can serve as hot tubs during the winter. Athletes can use them as ice baths to aid recovery after an intense workout. They make great pet baths. A stock tank is also often used to water livestock on farms.

Once you know how you will use a stock tank you should do some research before purchasing. This website will help you do just that.  We’ve compiled tips and facts to help you with your stock tank purchase.  We have also handpicked the best stock tanks and offer them at the lowest prices you will find in our online store.

The most common mistake consumers make is underestimating the size of the tank they need. It is better to error on the larger side when buying a stock tank. Families expand, kids grow, pets multiply, etc. Most consumers do not adequately plan for growth and are often forced to buy a bigger stock tank further down the road. If you plan to store dangerous liquids or fuels consider a bunded oil tank which offers a double barrier.  Since stock tanks are super durable and last for decades it is better to get a large size up front.

Where To Buy A Stock Tank
We think is the best place to buy a stock tank but we may be a little biased 😉 You can check your local feed store which usually carry both metal and plastic tanks. Some hardware stores carry them as well. Generally prices are 15-20% cheaper online. The shipping costs of buying a stock tank online is negated by not having to pay sales tax. Buying locally has the advantage of being able to place it into use that day whereas buying online offers the convenience of having it delivered to your door.